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Research & Reports

As part of our promises to you, we are working hard to get to know you better so we can promote your collective voice and ensure your needs are being met.

We are further developing our research program, and have created three new Student Engagement and Insight Officer roles dedicated to understanding you better.

Recent reports can be found here, and we expect this page to grow over time.

If you would like to sign up to our Student Research Group, to receive invitations to things like surveys and focus groups, please let us know.

TUSA Submission to the Inquiry into the Provisions of the University of Tasmania Act 1992 – Semester 2, 2022

September 2022

As the only University in our State, it is incredibly important that UTAS is transparent and accountable to not only students, but the broader community as it is a public research educational institution. 

Universities have changed greatly in the last 30 years. It is important to review the Act to ensure UTAS is remaining functional, relevant, and true to purpose. 

The TUSA believes significant changes to University governance is needed, for students to be given more formal roles in decision-making and influence. 

A Parliamentary Inquiry by the Legislative Council is an opportunity for the University to have the concerns of the public addressed in a structured and impartial way. 

As there are several matters of great public concern being discussed (the move into the Hobart City, the law school, etc.), this provides a forum address well-known issues, and perhaps bring to light new ones.

As such, the TUSA formally made a submission to the committee and was asked to give verbal evidence.

COVID-19 – special online Vent Tent

May 2020

This report was presented to the University and was well received and contributed to the significant changes announced by the University shortly afterwards.

TUSA Vent Tent – Covid-19 Edition – Report

Student Mental Health – special online Vent Tent

July 2020

TUSA Vent Tent – Mental Health Edition – Report

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