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Events/Risk Assessment

Events are a terrific way to grow and celebrate your club/society, as well as learn new skills. This guide contains all the information you need to know about running fun, successful and safe events on and off campus.

Since 2022 TUSA has implemented a new digital solution built specifically for university clubs and societies, QPay – to help TUSA and the affiliated clubs and societies have a centralised admin system.

The first questions your Club or Society Committee should ask are:

  • What sort of event do we want to host?
  • Where are we going to have it?

The University and TUSA have spaces available for certain types of events, and the TUSA reps/staff can help you find a suitable location for your event. Refer to the event planning flowchart.

Suppose at any time you are unsure about the correct procedure, or you need help, don’t forget that your TUSA Clubs and Societies Team can help with planning. In that case, Risk Assessment preparation, security requirements (depending on the type of event and attendee numbers), equipment hire that you may need to run your event, and, of course, promotion – email us at

When we run events on campus, we must abide by the UTAS rules, but off campus, we run as per the State health advice. Always check and monitor the Tasmanian Public Health website for updates and news about events.

We have created an Events Planning Flowchart to help you determine which steps to follow and an Events Food, Beverages & Equipment Flowchart.

Planning Your Event - Hot Tips

You should start planning at least 5 – 6 weeks in advance for your event, and even earlier if it’s going to be a large-scale event.

Things to consider… is your event being held near exams, semester break, due dates for assignments or other similar events?  Can you tie your event into a National or State initiative e.g.: Biggest Morning Tea or an awareness week such as National Student Volunteer Week, R U OK, or Mental Health Week? If you are planning a big event, it may help to get another club/society involved, the load and costs are shared, as well as the membership base and visibility.

Step 1: Submit an Event Application form via QPay.

  • WHY? Because as a TUSA affiliated Club/Society we need to know what you are planning to make sure it’s safe and so we can help.

Step 2: Complete Risk Assessment Form, submit via QPay NOTE: TUSA requires 7 business days to review

  • WHY? Because as a TUSA affiliated Club/Society, if an accident happens during your event and we have an approved Risk Assessment, you are covered by our General Public Liability insurance. No Risk Assessment, No Event!

Step 3: Create an Event on QPay – (unless an alternative platform has been agreed upon/approved by the TUSA). Sign-in into your Club/Society portal, go to the Event Tab and then click Create new event.

  • WHY? Because you can check if your event is clashing with any other Club/Society event. You can also enhance visibility and attract more people to your event and make more money

Step 4: Be sure to include the TUSA logo on your promotional material. TUSA Branding guidelines can be found here TUSA C&S BRANDING GUIDELINE

  • WHY? Because a good event starts with good promotion at the end of the day, word-of-mouth is still the most popular tool for a good campaign, the more students are talking about you, the more students you will have at your event!

Important side note: If you have received a grant from TUSA to support your event, you must include the following statement on all your posters, marketing material and ticketing.

  • This is a SSAF funded initiative supported by TUSA.

Events Recourses

UTAS Off-Campus
On-Campus Indoor On-campus Outdoor Student Living
Enquiry and book the room/space through Campus Services (UTAS) and complete the venue hire form.

Venue hire – Campus Services

Submit a stall application form via QPay. If the event is located at Student Living accommodation, contact them directly. The Student Living team require at least 10 days (this includes TUSA’s 7 days). For more information, contact Please monitor the Tasmania Public Health website and follow the rules and guidelines of the venue/location of your event.

–   Hobart City Council

–   Launceston City Council

–   Burnie City Council

–   Inner West (Rozelle) Council

Please CC when communicating and booking the venue with the university.

Submit an Event Application Form via QPay

If you require any equipment from TUSA, please book through the TUSA Hire Store form.

·        Follow current UTAS COVID Requirements while on campus

·        Encourage strict hygiene

o   Hand sanitiser to be provided

·        Those feeling unwell will not be allowed to be at the event.

·        Participants will be spaced 1.5m while they set up the venue for the event.

·        Security is required when over 50 participants, including staff – when alcohol is involved

o   Hunt Security Services –

·        Attendees contact tracing via QPay

o   Contact information, Student ID number, if Student Living resident

·        Please contact TUSA if you’re organising a large scale event.

o   Engi Laneway


Forms that are required depending on the event, please contact TUSA if you’ve any questions.
  • Application for Temporary Stall on University Campus – Fill out the form via QPay
  • Application for Venue Hire on University Campus – This form is accessed and submitted via the UTAS website
  • Application for University Liquor Permit (On-campus – serving) – Fill out the form via QPay
  • Security is required for events over 50 people when alcohol is involved. Contact o Hunt Security Services –
  • If the event is located at a student residence, you must fill in a Student Living Event Proposal Form – contact them directly. The Student Living team require at least 10 days (this includes TUSA’s 7 days). For more information contact
  • Application for a Liquor License (selling or providing) NOTE: This form is accessed and submitted via the Tasmanian Government website and you will need to provide a site map of the event location.


Risk Assessment

Each club/society having an event MUST submit a Risk Assessment(RA) form within their Event Application – you can find a link to download your file here. The importance of having a Risk Assessment is because as an affiliated TUSA club/society you are covered by our General Liability insurance, which means you need to comply with our guidelines. Also, your grant will not be approved if we don’t have this document.

A risk is anything that may affect the overall success of your event. It is important to consider all the risks involved with running and organising your event so that you are prepared if something does go wrong. For example:

  • A bad/wet weather plan? (If your event is being held outside)
  • Who are the Event Risk owners?
  • The BBQ gas cylinder leaks
  • Tripping over power leads
  • Do you have a plan B if there are any problems? (Consider time for testing equipment and arrange support if needed)

These are just a few things that you need to consider when you plan and then run your event. Please be specific and write everything we should know about your event. As you continue to fill out the sections, the next big step is to write as much as you can into your Event Description. The more detail you give us the better, otherwise we need to find out what your plan is, send you emails and worst case scenario, deny your application.

IMPORTANT: This is a pre-filled template; it means that if you are not having a BBQ, you need to delete the risks/hazards associated with it. For example: cooking food, Gas Heather operations, Food Handling

Once you finish with the Risk Assessment document you can submit your Event Application form and wait for TUSA to get back to you.

We require 7 business days to check and approve all the documentation as there are more the 130+ Clubs and Societies and we are a small organisation, so please be kind and understanding if we take a little more time to get back to you.

If you have not completed your form correctly, your application will be delayed. Please triple check details before submitting.

For more information, please download the C+S Handbook 2022.

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