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The benefits for TUSA affiliated Clubs and Societies are that TUSA provides, insurance coverage as TUSA holds General and Products Liability insurance cover for all TUSA affiliated clubs and societies.

Your membership list must be lodged with TUSA to get covered by the insurance.


Because all members listed there are covered for incidents occurring at your club and society’s approved events under our student accident insurance policy.

Our insurance covers University of Tasmania (UTAS) students and associate members from 14-80 years of age for non-Medicare claimable medical expenses (some exclusions apply from 65-80 years of age).

  • TUSA does not provide any personal accident, income, property, or indemnity insurance cover for Club members.
  • It is the responsibility of each Club Executive to manage the risks associated with club-run events and seek advice where necessary. Clubs are encouraged to use risk waivers where appropriate.
  • Club Executives will be personally and legally responsible for any commercial contracts and/or sponsorship agreements entered into on behalf of the Club.
  • Limited public liability insurance may be available in relation to third parties claims.

If you need a copy of our General Public Liability Certificate of Currency, please contact the Clubs and Societies Team.

For more information, please download the C+S Handbook 2024.

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