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Housing & Accommodation Support

Are you facing difficulties in finding a safe and stable place to live?

Perhaps you’re dealing with issues related to your landlord or are at risk of homelessness?

While TUSA no longer provides accommodation services, we still aim to assist students in finding suitable housing options.

Getting a roof over your head

The process of finding accommodation can be stressful, particularly considering the current shortage of available and quality rental properties statewide.

Facebook Housing Group

We have established a dedicated Facebook group exclusively for University students, where you can find listings for available accommodation. Membership is strictly managed to ensure it remains accessible to students only.

University accommodation

The University of Tasmania offers purpose-built accommodation services throughout the state. You can visit their website to explore the various options available, including the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). For a comprehensive overview of accommodation choices provided by the University across the state, please refer to this page.

Other Resources

Professionally managed rental properties are commonly listed on platforms such as or Gumtree.

Issues with your lease or landlord

Our Student Advocates can assist you in understanding your current situation and help you develop a plan of action. If you have a lease, we can provide guidance on its implications and refer you to the Tenants Union of Tasmania for further support.

Can’t pay your rent?

Our Student Advocates can help you access financial aid and provide support during this difficult time. Book an appointment with them today.

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