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Here at TUSA we are committed to ensuring all students feel safe and included. This page contains information and resources for students with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ students, students that identify as women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students, and international students.

Who can help me with issues that I may have?

There are always people available to help you with any issues you may have:

TUSA Equity President

Meet TUSA’s Equity President, Mark Warrington (he/him)

TUSA’s Equity President is here to represent issues facing members of equity groups and chair the TUSA Equity Committee. Mark is the person at TUSA to go to if you’re not sure where to go.

Contact Mark through email at and view their profile here.

TUSA State President

Meet TUSA’s State President,  Liam McLaren (he/him)

Liam is the president of TUSA, and can help with any issues you may have, or direct you to the right person.

Contact him through email at, and view his profile here.

TUSA Advocates

Have you met the TUSA Student Advocates yet?

The TUSA Advocates, Kate and Jon (based in Hobart), Stephen (based in Launceston), and Alec (based in Cradle Coast), are trained staff at TUSA, equipped to handle any issues you may have with the university. Our Student Advocates provide high quality advocacy and support services for all UTAS students, and you can talk to them both on-campus and online. Their job is to help you achieve the best possible educational and wellbeing outcomes. Learn more about our Student Advocacy Service here.


The Student Advocacy team can help with:

  • Navigating the University’s rules, ordinances, policies, and procedures
  • Appealing decisions made by the University (including fees, compliance, academic progress, and more)
  • Making course enquiries, raising concerns, or submitting formal complaints
  • Accessing emergency food items, hygiene supplies, and other living necessities
  • Making referrals to UTAS and non-UTAS services when you need additional support


Student Advocates can also help you access free legal advice and financial counselling through our partner organisations.

TUSA Experience Leaders [TELs]

TUSA Experience Leaders (TELs) are students under each of the four major academic colleges. These students sit on academic boards and committees and are able to bring attention to any issues facing students within the colleges.


College of Health Medicine (Cradle Coast) – Belinda Tospell


College of Health Medicine (Launceston) – to be appointed.


College of Science and Engineering – Siska-Lut Buelens


College of Business and Economics – being appointed

The Safe and Fair Communities Unit (SaFCU)

SaFCU responds to notifications of sexual assault or sexual harassment, concerns raised in relation to wellbeing or behaviour, reports of misconduct and the lodgement of general concerns or complaints.

Learn more about SaFCU here: Safe and Fair Community Unit (

Student Legal Service

The student legal service is a confidential and free legal service for all UTAS students. More information can be found via Student Legal Service – TUSA, and appointments can be booked via or (03) 7032 8200.

UTAS Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Working Group

The UTAS Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Working Group is responsible for overseeing staff-inclusive issues and is sat on by the TUSA Equity President.

Find the support that’s right for you:

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