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About the TUSA

The Tasmanian University Student Association (TUSA) was previously called the Tasmania University Union (TUU) and was established in 1899 to represent students.

The Association is a student-led collective that is dedicated to two core things: student leadership and our student community.

Whenever a decision is being made that is likely to effect UTAS students, we will always push to have a student leader sitting at that table.

As a UTAS student, you have access to Association staff, services, equipment, and facilities:

  • Lobbying and representation on issues important to you as a student
  • Independent support and advocacy
  • Financial support and counselling
  • Social connection through our 130+ Clubs and Societies, and Student led events.
  • Great facilities like Clubs & Societies meeting rooms, kitchen and lounge areas equipped with a ping pong table, Wii, and board games.
  • Safe spaces including Women’s Space, Queer Space, and Parenting Rooms.

The Associations student leaders are elected by students and are accountable to students. The Association and Student Reps are fiercely independent when it matters and we work closely with our University partners to get the best outcome for students.

Read our 2021 Annual Report to see what we do and what we achieved in 2021.

Need help or want to get involved?

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