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Student Promises

Your TUSA exists to be the independent voice of students at UTAS, effecting change through leadership and community building.

We are working for a future where the united voice of the student community enhances your university experience and the world around you.

In striving to achieve those goals, we promise that:

1. We’ll work with you to make a difference

  • A student association should be student-led. To build this capacity within the TUSA, we promise to follow co-operative and collaborative principles and practices in the development and delivery of services to students.
  • We want to help you take the lead in community action and volunteering, and we promise to help you to increase the positive impact students have on the world.
  • We promise to foster diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

2. We’ll help you get what you need from your university experience

  • We promise to empower you, so you can navigate university life and get the most out of it.
  • We know how important it is to feel like you belong, and we promise to help you build communities and networks with likeminded people who you can connect with personally or professionally.
  • Life is rough sometimes. We promise we will be there for you, and help you to move through it.

3. We’ll help you explore and enjoy your time at UTAS

  • We promise to make it easy for you to get to know the place where you live and study.
  • We will help you to connect in meaningful and active ways with place, community and opportunities that matter to you.
  • Having fun is a huge part of a positive university experience. We will help you develop a great social life.
  • We will help you find inspiring and fulfilling activities.

4. We’ll help you develop and grow

  • We will build our capacity to respond effectively with advice and counselling, to support your wellbeing.
  • We will help you to become part of our team of strong student leaders, and we will do that by developing interesting and relevant opportunities at the TUSA, like workshops, internships, and part-time paid roles.

5. We’ll create a vibrant and contemporary student representative association

  • We are committed to developing our team, and the presence of the TUSA across all parts of the university.
  • We know that we have been behind in the digital space, so we are working hard to utilise technology and digital solutions to help you get what you need from the TUSA.
  • The TUSA represents students, so we promise to get to know you well, so we can share your collective voice and fight for your needs to be met.
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