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Women at TUSA

At TUSA we acknowledge the issues faced by students who identify as women, and gender-diverse people. We’ve created a page for UTAS students, to help you navigate university life. Scroll down for info on the communities you’ll want to join, the people you can come to with concerns and questions, and a Frequently Asked Questions section answering any other questions you may have.


Women’s Societies and Communities at UTAS

Women’s Society

The TUSA Women’s society aim to create a safe community for women, non-binary and gender non-conforming folk to meet, learn and grow. You can become a member through:, or reach them via They host regular catch-ups and a few larger events throughout the year.


Women Specific Contacts, who can support me?

  • Amy Walsh (President of Women’s Society) Amy is the 2022 president of the Women’s Society. She can be reached via the society email
  • Women’s Society Committee Members – The other members of the community are also available to reach out to and their info is found on Women’s Society – TUSA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am being harassed/feel unsafe around members of the UTAS community, what should I do?

If your safety is an immediate concern, the emergency services in Australia can be contacted via 000.  Additionally, the SafeZone mobile app allows quick and easy access to campus security (ph: (03) 6226 7600). It is strongly recommended to download this app when you first start at UTAS.

If your issue is not an immediate safety concern, the Safe and Fair Community Unit is able to help with ongoing safety issues. Personal Counsellors can also be booked via the Appointment Hub or on 1800 817 675. Our Student Advocates can also help speak on your behalf as well as escalate matters at the University.

I’ve forgotten menstrual hygiene products; can I find any on campus?

TUSA provides free menstrual products at the TUSA buildings (see our locations here). We try our best to provide menstrual products in bathrooms across the state-wide campuses, so if we missed any, let us know!

There are very few women/gender-diverse people in my course and I feel alienated. Where can I go to meet new people?

If your course does not offer events for women in your field, you can reach out to your course coordinator or academic society (for example the Engineering Society for UTAS Engineering Students) and discuss what events they may be able to offer.

If you are feeling bold, in the past, students have taken initiative and created group chats with the women and gender-diverse students in their cohors via existing facebook pages, or interacting with students in class. These group chats provide opportunities for regular catch-ups.

Additionally, TUSA offers plenty of events throughout the year. Perhaps by attending any of these events, you may run into people doing the same course as you.

What’s on? // Current Projects

  1. Gender-Neutral bathrooms on Cradle Coast Campus – All new bathrooms on the Cradle Coast campus are gender-neutral.
  2. Women in Technology 2022 – UTAS IT services is hosting the 2022 Women in Technology program on 22/09 from 3:00-5:30pm at Inveresk Library, Launceston. Register here.
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