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The Tasmanian University White Water Rafting Club is one of the largest university based sporting clubs in Tasmania. We specialise in white water rafting activities and take pride in our reputation for excellence, safety and environmental conservation. We are based at the University of Tasmania campus in Hobart with members across the state, allowing us to run trips anywhere there is rain and a river.

Tasmania is unique in the world that within 2–6 hours proximity we can offer world class rafting in a variety of regions. From rivers winding through some of the world’s oldest cool climate rainforests to creeks cascading down through alpine button grass with snow-capped peaks.

Our trips range from thrill seeking adventurers taking on nature, 10 day expeditions through the heart of Tasmanian wilderness or placid river journeys looking at spectacular scenery. Our guides are trained in white water guiding skills, rescue techniques, and first aid. Each trip is run by a senior guide who has extensive experience in white water rafting on Tasmanian rivers and at least one other guide, with a minimum of two rafts paddled by a crew of two to five.

Our goal is to provide an experience that will last you a lifetime, in a safe environment. If you have any questions please look through the information provided on this website. If your answer is not located here then send us an email.

We hope to see you on river soon!

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