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Volunteering at the TUSA

Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain.

Volunteering is an amazing way to gain on-the-job experience, expand your professional networks, and make a difference.

Here at the TUSA we greatly value the impact of student volunteers and look at it as a mutually beneficial arrangement where you are supported and mentored by staff and peers to make it worthwhile for you.

From time to time we will advertise for volunteer opportunities, which you will find listed below:

Student Media

Our communications team is always looking for people with the following skills to help out in the media and communications space:

  • Writing and reporting
  • Graphic design
  • Audio or video production

We also have oversight of Togatus, an historical student publication filled with content written for students, by students. Contributions to Togatus can be:

  • Investigative journalism
  • Interviews
  • Photo essays
  • Audio/visual productions
  • Infographics,
  • Or creative works like poetry, literature, or visual art

Togatus also welcomes students who are willing to commit to join the editorial team on a regular basis (usually reviewed annually in November for the following year).

Student Events

The TUSA plays a large part in supporting student events. Most of these events are run by Clubs and Societies, and so if you are interested in event management it would be a great idea for you to find a club or society you are interested in and join them.

We run a handful of events during the year, both in person and online. These are usually supported by staff and student reps, so there are limited opportunities to volunteer for events directly with the TUSA.

Alternatively, you may join the volunteer program at UTAS. You’ll be able to login to the Student Portal to express your interest at UTAS.

Student Research

If you are interested in helping the TUSA to maintain and build our understanding of students and their needs, you might want to help out with our Student Insight program.

If you use research in your course, or are keen to get real-world experience in running surveys or focus groups, or analysing data, get in touch.

If you would like to sign up to be part of our research group, and participate in surveys and other research online or in person by answering questions, testing our ideas, and sharing your thoughts and experiences, you can sign up here.

Other ways to join the team

If there isn’t a volunteer role which appeals to you, you might want to check out our Paid  or Internship  roles. Alternatively, if you have an idea of something you would like to do for fellow students, get in touch and we can talk about whether there is an opportunity to turn that into a volunteering opportunity with the TUSA.

Ready to become part of the TUSA team?

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