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Welcome to Uni Fellowship.

We are on about Mission to the University, and Missionaries to the world.

We want UTAS students to receive a University level understanding of the Christian faith and show them the love that Jesus offers to all people. We also want to see people inspired to share what they have learnt with us to all the people they meet, even beyond Uni.

We run many events that anyone can be apart of, such as:
– Citywide Gatherings, A talk on a Christian topic. (Once a month, Thursday 5:30pm)
– Breakfast Sessions, A talk on a Christian topic. (Once a month, Tuesday 7:30am)
– Christianity 1A, for those wanting to gain an quality understanding of what Christians believe.
– Fellowship Groups, for those wanting to involve themselves in Christian life by praying and reading the bible together.
We want all of our events to be inclusive and welcoming to all people.

To find out more such as dates and locations, check out

Don’t just survive at Uni. THRIVE.

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This is a page created by the TUSA on behalf of the University Fellowship of Christians (UFC).

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