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TUSA Equity Committee

Nominations are now open!

The TUSA Equity Committee is being revamped to better serve you – and applications are now open for you to join! We are looking for seven students, each from a different cohort, to join the Committee and help us amplify the voices of all students and ensure equity within TUSA and UTAS.


About the Committee

The TUSA Equity Committee has been established to ensure that the voices and needs of diverse student cohorts are represented and advocated for within the TUSA and UTAS community. The TUSA Equity Committee will work collaboratively with the TUSA Equity President and one another to address issues, promote inclusivity, and foster a supportive and equitable environment for all students.

The TUSA Equity Committee will be comprised of representatives from each student cohort, including but not limited to a member from the LGBTQIA+ community, a student with a Disability, a female-identifying student, an international student, an ethnocultural student, a distance (online) student, and a First Nations student. Each representative will be given a budget of $500 to spend on initiatives or projects, with endorsement by the TUSA Equity President. The TUSA Equity Committee will also include the TUSA Equity President in the role of Chair and the Deputy President in the role of Deputy Chair.

The TUSA Equity Committee will meet regularly, at a minimum of once per month during the study year, to discuss ongoing initiatives, address concerns, and collaborate on advocacy efforts. The TUSA Equity Committee will report to the TUSA State Council on a regular basis, providing updates, recommendations, and any relevant matters for consideration.

The term of the committee will be from July 1st 2024 till February 28th 2025.

In recognition of the effort that the role requires, each position will be bequeathed a honoria of $300.


Position Descriptions

Women’s Officer

LGBTQIA+ Officer

First Nations Officer

International Student Officer

Disability Officer

Ethnocultural Officer

Distance (Online) Officer



If you would like to apply for an Equity Officer role, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you after the application window closes.

If you have any questions about the roles or the application process, please get in touch with the TUSA Equity President at

Applications close April 30, 2024

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