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TUSA Equity Commitee

Key Purpose:

The TUSA Equity Committee is an established committee run by our Equity President (Trenton Hoare), and focuses on areas of advocacy and improvements to be made across the University of Tasmania. It also provides feedback to our Equity President to take to the University Inclusion Diversity and Equity Working Group to see action in this space.

Meets: Monthly

Meeting Length: 1 hour

Student Members: 9 – New members welcome (email

Where: Online via Zoom

Current Membership:

  1. Equity President, Trenton Hoare (he/they)
  2. Laura Maloney (she/her)
  3. Kai Harrison (he/him)
  4. Sherlock Holden (they/them)
  5. Leonard Buttons (he/him)
  6. Jay Summers (they/them)
  7. Lucy Slevin (she/her)
  8. Elizabeth Alsop (she/her)
  9. Eloise Knuckey (she/her)

Previous Minutes:

TUSA Equity Committee 2023 – April Minutes

Student Input:

Have issues you’d like to see raised at this meeting that relate to equity and access? Email for follow-up.

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