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We are thrilled to introduce ourselves as the Tasmanian University Quadball Club!
Our Club focuses on the unique and exciting sport of Quadball, which is known for being fun, chaotic, and inclusive. We are excited to be starting teams and weekly practices in four different locations across Tasmania, including Burnie, Devonport, Carrick, and Hobart.

We would like to emphasize that Quadball is a mixed-gender sport, and our club enthusiastically welcomes anyone of any gender to come and join us. Additionally, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive club that values diversity and welcomes individuals of all physical abilities. Even if you feel like you’re not strong in a certain skill or action, we know that every member has unique strengths and weaknesses that can contribute to the overall team dynamic.

We are currently planning for Four teams, each with their own unique names and monikers. The Burnie Banshees, the Devonport Doppelgangers, the Carrick Changleings & the Hobart Hydras will all host training sessions held weekly in their respective locations. We will also be having monthly inter-team matches. The Quadball season takes place from March to November, in alignment with university semesters.

In addition to being a sports team, we also consider ourselves a social club. We believe that building strong relationships and connections between members is just as important as playing the game. So, if you’re looking for a welcoming and supportive community to be a part of, the Tasmanian University Quadball Club is the perfect place for you. Come along and join us for some exciting Quadball action and make new friends along the way!


The rules of Quadball are fairly similar to their source material (quidditch), with some amendments.

All players are mounted on a ‘broom’ at all times. A ‘broom’ is really just a stick around a meter in length, usually made of either PVC or wood. This acts as a handicap in the game.

There are 7 players per team on field at any given time:
3 chasers, 1 keeper, 2 beaters, and 1 seeker.
Positions are differentiated by coloured headbands.

Chasers and Keepers use the quaffle, a slightly deflated volleyball, to try and score through one of three hoops at the other end of the field, in something akin to a mix of rugby and basketball. Goals are worth 10 points.

Beaters use bludgers (dodgeballs), to try and knock other players out of play. If hit by a bludger, a player is ‘beat’ and must drop any ball they are holding, and not participate in any kind of play until they have tapped back on at their own hoops.

The game ends when the snitch, a third party person with a short tag attached to the back of their shorts, like OzTag, is caught. The seekers catch the snitch by grabbing this tag, which is worth 30 points. The snitch and seekers are only released after 18 minutes of gametime have elapsed, so that games have a chance to run their course for a while, before ending.

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