Student Voice Research

The TUSA wants to gain a greater understanding of UTAS students, by engaging students in sharing their collective experiences.

We are offering an exciting opportunity for you to get involved through a series of student-led research and project program. We want to work closely with you to learn more what each student values. For this reason, we are launching projects to be led by UTAS students in partnership with TUSA and UTAS academics.

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Participate in student-led research projects happening right now! There are a number of projects running that need YOUR input, so click through below to have a look!

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Get involved in student-led research projects! We have a number of ways you can get involved, such as through focus groups! Click through below to see how you can get involved.

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What Can I Research?

Is there something you’ve wanted to look into that we haven’t done yet? Got a yearning to develop some research skills? Find all the info on how to propose a project below!

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What We’ve Found So Far

We’ve run several research projects and outreach programs already! From telling us what you need in the midst of COVID, to how the TUSA can better support Clubs & Societies, see what we found!

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