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Strategic Plan

The TUSA is your independent collective for student driven change. As an organisation, we have undergone significant change this year, and your reps have been working hard to make sure the association is relevant, engaging and effective for you. This process started with a review of our Strategic Plan. The latest version looks like this:

TUSA Strategic Plan 2020-2023


To be the independent voice of students at UTAS, effecting change through leadership and community building


A future where the collective voice of the student community enhances the university experience and the world around them.


At the core of our organisation is the welfare, support and empowerment of our students.

We’ve got your back and exist to honour our promises to your experience at UTAS.

Together we sustain community through connection, with welcoming places – real and virtual, for all people to grow, flourish, influence, explore and evolve our whole selves and each other.

As an organisation we are courageous and vulnerable, embracing our ambition, pursuing innovation and the unknowable pathway to get there. We are edgy, charming, honest and always authentic

Our actions are purposeful and dynamic. Our momentum is tempered by responsibility and accountability. We show up with integrity and get sh*t done.

Kindness, compassion and empathy are the common filters to all our words and actions

Read our 2021 Annual Report to see what we do and what we achieved in 2021.

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