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Students as Partners

Students as Partners (SaP), is authentic student engagement, relating to what students and staff do together to further common educational goals, in partnership. 

Previous frameworks across universities are used to support the TUSA SaP model. These models recognise the input of students, as the consumers of education, in the development and leadership of university direction and academic output at the University and College level. 

There are evidenced benefits to SaP. By collaborating with students in the development of systems and structures, there were benefits to students, academic staff as well as teaching quality. Some of these include increased student engagement & motivation, a stronger understanding of students’ own learning, enhanced student-teacher relationships, development of better teaching or curriculum materials as well as increased perception on the quality of their university experience. These are supported by Mercer-Mapstone et al. (2017). 

TUSA is passionate about recognising students as key partners at our University. 

Aim of Students as Partners

By collaborating with students in directing the university’s development, SaP aims to:

  • Increase students’ motivation and engagement with curriculum materials.
  • Enhance student-teacher communication.
  • Deepen the understanding of students’ own learning and their perception of the teaching quality.
  • Develop better teaching or curriculum materials.

On the right is the Students as Partners Framework (based on Deakin University’s model)

What does “Students as Partners” at UTAS look like?

TUSA has implemented a SaP at UTAS through our TUSA Experience Leaders (TELs). TELs from each of their colleges are employed to collaborate with the students and staff to enhance the student experience at UTAS. They are employed on a casual basis (fixed term) and have various projects that they can work on at UTAS.

As of now, we have the following TELs to represent our student cohorts:

  • CoBE (College of Business and Economics)
  • CALE (College of Art, Law and Education)
  • CoSE (College of Science and Engineering)
  • CoHM (College of Health and Medicine)

What’s the job of a TUSA Experience Leader?

TUSA Experience Leaders (TELs) regularly attend State Council Meetings, receive train and develop strategies and solutions that align with student concerns and feedback. They are recruited by TUSA based on their knowledge of their college and their ability to elevate student voices. TELs also engage with the staff to provide their own feedback and actively participate in Clubs & Societies and TUSA activities.

CoBE (College of Business and Economics)

Arezoo (Ari) Heydaridayeni

CoSE (College of Science and Engineering)

Alec Slamen

CoHM (College of Health and Medicine)

Sok Hui (Stella) Lim – Launceston

Belinda Tospell – Cradle Coast


Bich Ngoc (Naomi) Nguyen – Hobart

Ying He – Launceston

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