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In 2022 TUSA introduced QPay (now rebranded and known as Rubric), a digital solution built specifically for university clubs and societies. Rubric centralises the tools required to successfully manage a Club or Society, saving the executive team time, and creating a seamless experience. TUSA requires all clubs and societies to use this platform (including all member signups) unless prior arrangement has been made.

Why Rubric (QPay)?

TUSA investigated potential digital solutions for Clubs and Societies and through a comprehensive process, determined QPay to be the preferred platform. We understand that running a student group while being a student is like running a big business and juggling a full-time job. Partnering with Rubric (QPay) helps you save time on administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on the things that truly matter – member engagement. Over 2,000 clubs across Australia use Rubric (QPay).

Working collaboratively on one platform brings other significant benefits to Clubs & Societies and TUSA:

  • Gives members and students a seamless experience,
  • Creates efficiencies within TUSA, giving us valuable time to support the needs and development of Clubs & Societies
  • Importantly, it allows TUSA to demonstrate the measurable benefits to UTAS to ensure they remain committed in their support of Clubs & Societies.

Rubric (QPay) Features

  • Membership Collection (Digital, In-person) and management
  • Email CRM system (members are immediately added into your email list)
  • Free SMS messaging to members
  • Your very own Shopify-esque store front to sell Merchandise (with built in sourcing functionality)
  • Run events with membership validation (keep events private to members only; or set different prices for non-members)
  • When you create your event on Rubric (QPay), your event is published in a dedicated event calendar. Keep all students informed of what’s happening in your C&S.
  • See how much revenue you have generated for your club or society with a click of a button and keep track of how much money has been deposited into your account from your efforts.
  • Inbuilt smart form system that creates a simplified re-affiliation and grants process.

How To Get Started

How to get started:

  1. Sign In/Sign Up
  2. Read Rubric (QPay) Getting Started and Handover Info
  3. Watch QPay Overview and Training Session (from TUSA Student Leaders Conference)

These steps will help you begin using Rubric (QPay) efficiently.

Upcoming Training Sessions and Recordings

The following online training sessions are available to support your transition. Please make sure to be available. They will be recorded and published on this page as additional resources.

  1. Rubric (QPay)intro session and Q&A (Feb 8th) – watch the recording here.
  2. How to sell cash memberships for O-Week (introducing memberships + smartphone wallet integration feature on Google/Apple) (Feb 10th) – Watch the recording here.
  3. How to create events and increase student engagement (March 1st) – Watch the recording here.
  4. How to set up your own merch store – Watch the recording here.
  5. How to sell online memberships for Semester 2 – Watch the recording here.
  6. How to set up your ball on Rubric (QPay) (Date to be confirmed).
  7. Committee Handover (Date to be confirmed).

For more support, questions, or concerns, please contact us at:





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