Student Voice Research

The TUSA wants to gain a greater understanding of UTAS students, by engaging students in sharing their collective experiences.

We are offering an exciting opportunity for students to get involved through a series of student-led research and project program. If research is not your thing, you can still participate by filling out the surveys below. We want to work closely with students to learn more what each student values.

We currently have two project’s running that we want to hear your voice in!

Postgraduate Inclusion Survey

Participate now in student-led research projects happening right now! From Postgraduates to Inclusion, there are a number of projects running that need YOUR input, so click through below to have a look!

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Safety & Inclusion on Campus Survey

This project is designed to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of UTAS students on campus, focusing on Safety and Inclusion. This project will also include focus groups, which you can EOI for here. Participate now by clicking below!

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