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Please find our form below to register your interest in participating in our Northern C&S Day!

We’re excited to invite along UTAS sports partners this year, and look forward to working with you. As a subsidiary of UTAS sports, it is free for UTAS sports to be involved.

"*" indicates required fields

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in participating in TUSA's Northern Clubs and Societies Day 2024. Please fill out this form if you are a UTAS Sport-affiliated club. Please complete this form by Wednesday 7th Feb 2024 .

Please note that TUSA will endeavour to supply clubs with trestle tables, but priority will be given to TUSA C&S. As student-centric initiatives, we will try our best to provide resources for UTAS Sports groups where possible.

We look forward to seeing you at the Northern C&S Day on Friday 1st March! 🙂


2. Confirming attendance to Northern Clubs and Societies Day 2024?*
Save the date - Friday 1st March 2024!

3. Responsible Stall Person*

4. Secondary Contact Person*


5. What size stall are you requesting?*

6. Are you able to provide your own trestle table(s)?*
Please enquire with UTAS sports if they are able to support you with a trestle table. If not, please contact and we will see if we can accommodate you.

6. Are you bringing a marquee? (You must provide a marquee if you would like a 3x3m stall space.*
3x3 marquee with weights only, not pegs/stakes. UTAS Sports groups must provide their own marquee and/or request provision from UTAS Sports for this event.

7. Do you require any other equipment from TUSA?*

8. Will you be serving food?*
Select no if you're only giving away individually wrapped / pre-packaged non-fresh food & drinks such as sweets, lollies and canned/plastic bottled drinks.

e.g. trivia, ball handling skills, ergo rowing machine competition, etc.


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