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Run with students, for students. TUSA is your student organisation.

Joining TUSA is your first step towards an amazing uni experience. Sign up now (it’s free!), visit the TUSA Hub to grab some freebies on campus, and get started!

Get involved with ClubsEventsVolunteering, Advocacy & Support, Student Media Team, TogatusTraining + Workshops and heaps more!


Step 1: Complete the membership form down below.

Step 2: You’ll get a confirmation email that will also include a list of deals you can access as part of your membership.

Step 3: Grab some Freebies and explore our website to find new Clubs and Volunteering opportunities!

Your TUSA Membership is the gateway to

  • Access to over 130 clubs and societies
  • Volunteer & apply for TUSA jobs 
  • Connect with student-led programs, media team & Publications 
  • Grow with our endless training opportunities to boost your employability 
  • Run for & vote in TUSA State Council Elections 
  • Get your grubby little hands all over our freebies!  
  • Monthly newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about TUSA news and events (and giveaways) 
  • Access to exclusive discounts on and off campus! Your membership is a gateway to cheaper coffee, free upsizes, monthly specials, and sweet deals – you just have to look! COMING SOON*
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