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The TUSA is governed by a Statewide Board of Management.

Membership to the Board looks like this:

Role Number of Members Voting or Non-Voting Appointment type
Chairperson 1 Non-voting, but with a casting vote in a tie Appointed by University Council in consultation with the Board
University Council Members 2

  • 1 x University Professional Staff Member
  • 1 x University Academic Staff Member
Voting Appointed by the University Council, selected for skills and expertise
Members Up to 3 Voting Appointed by the Board in consultation with the State Council. Selected for skills and expertise
The Elected President 1 Voting Ex-officio
Council Member 1 Voting Appointed by the State Council at their first meeting
Past President 1 Voting Ex-officio, or if the immediate past President is unable then they can nominate a previous student Board member

*Ex-officio means that this Board Member is not elected to the position on the Board; rather, they are automatically a Member because the role they have has been identified as essential.

Student Board members hold office until 30 November each year.

The State Council sits under the Board and has sub-committees under it. For more information about Student Structures, please refer to the Representation section.

For more detailed information about the governance of the TUSA, you can read the Constitution.

If you would like to see a copy of our Annual Reports or Board Minutes, please click here.

Minutes from the monthly State Council meetings can be accessed here.

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