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About the Freshie Bag:

Orders can be made for collection every Wednesday at the Sandy Bay, Newnham and West Park campuses.

The TUSA Freshie Bag Scheme is a mish-mash of “Fresh, Fruit & Veggie” bringing University of Tasmania students fresh fruit and vegetables every week. The aim of the Freshie Bag is to make sourcing fresh and healthy food easy, quick and affordable. Alarmingly, 38% of our students are food insecure and we want to lower this number by making sure our students are well fed and looked after.

The Freshie Bag will give students an opportunity to try new food, cook new recipes and most importantly eat a balanced diet of different coloured fresh food.

Check this page and the Facebook page for updates.

Each bag will have a range of root vegetables, leafy greens, fruit and even herbs (changing frequently due to the seasons and what is in stock from the local provider).

By purchasing the Freshie Bag you could save up to $10 a week on fresh produce and have an opportunity to try some products you may have never had before.

If you have any questions please email: or send us a message on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a Freshie Bag cost?

The basic Freshie Bag costs $10 and the bestie bag costs $18 (get a Freshie bag for you and your bestie, double the amount for $18).

What will I get in a Freshie Bag?

Freshie Bags contain a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. We try to use mostly Tasmanian produce but from time to time we may source items from interstate. Produce will vary from week to week depending on what is in stock from our suppliers and to avoid having the same produce as last week (not another cauliflower!)

Where can I collect my Freshie Bag?

Freshie Bags are available to collect on Wednesdays between 12-2 pm at Sandy Bay, Newnham, and West Park campuses.

For the Sandy Bay Campus, the collection point is the UTAS Community Lounge (opposite the Morris Miller Library).

For the Newnham campus, the collection point is the TUSA Hub (opposite the Student Centre off Queen Elizabeth Walk).

For the West Park Campus, the collection point is the TUSA Office (opposite the Student Kitchen)

See here for more directions to our locations:

How do I order my Freshie Bag?

Freshie Bags can only be ordered online via QPay: click here.

The deadline for ordering a Freshie Bag each week is Monday at 11am for Newnham and West Park Campuses, and Monday at 3pm for Sandy Bay Campus.

Will I know what’s in my Freshie Bag before I order?

We are unable to confirm the contents of the Freshie Bag before ordering. This is because we source produce from a local supplier and try to get the best produce at the best price on the day. Generally, bags will contain a mixture of fruit, vegetables and sometimes herbs and will vary from week to week to give you a variety of options.

Is it cheaper to buy a Freshie Bag than going to a supermarket?

Based on research conducted by UTAS students, you could save up to $10 by purchasing Freshie Bags compared with shopping at major supermarkets.

How long will a Freshie Bag feed me for?

The basic Freshie Bag is designed to provide enough fruit and vegetables for 1 person for a week.

The bestie bag is enough for you and your bestie for a week.

I don’t live near Hobart, Launceston or Burnie, can is still buy a Freshie Bag?

Freshie bags cannot be delivered and must be collected. Therefore, we recommend students only purchase Freshie Bags if they can collect them from the collection locations on the collection day (Wednesdays between 12-2pm).

What’s the difference between the basic and bestie Freshie Bags?

The basic bag is just one bag for $10, while the bestie bag is a bigger Freshie Bag for you to share with your bestie at the price of $18.

If I miss the collection time, can I still pick up my order?

If you miss the collection time you can still collect your Freshie Bag if the office is still open. However we cannot guarantee collection outside of the collection slots.

If I miss the order deadline, can I still order a Freshie Bag for this week?

Unfortunately, if you miss the order deadline you will not be able to order a Freshie Bag for that week.

Can I cancel/receive a refund on my order?

If you have purchased a Freshie Bag and need to cancel your order, you can do so and receive a full refund if you cancel your order before the deadline for that week. Any cancellations after this time will not receive a refund as we will have already placed our order with our supplier.

To cancel an order/request a refund please email: or call 03 6226 6407.

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