The results are in! Please welcome your elected Student Reps for 2022:

President: Sophie Crothers

Equity President: Veda Surapaneni

Education President – Undergraduate: (Position Vacant)

Education President – Postgraduate: Ariane (Ari) Moore

Southern Campus President: Liam Clegg

Northern Campus President: Miao Yu

Cradle Coast Campus President: Patrick Whelan

Rozelle Campus President: Amy Ross-Hodges

See their candidate statement here

Important Elections Info

We are looking for the next group of student leaders to work with us to build the most vibrant contemporary student association yet.

We have had an incredible year of transformation and activity, all focused on supporting students like you.

In 2022 our focus is on higher engagement of the student community, and adding even more value through delivering on our student promises.

You can be a part of shaping the future for students at UTAS, at the same time as giving yourself the opportunity to innovate, grow and become a community leader both now and into the future.

Now is your chance to play a major role in the quality of student life at your campus. If you are keen to make a difference in your region this is the time to get involved.


The steps to becoming a Student Leader are:

  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Become familiar with the work of the TUSA, and read the Position Descriptions for each role
  3. Submit a Nomination Form
  4. Run your campaign
  5. Join our team and work hard to represent the students who elected you

Key Dates

  • Nominations Open: 9 am Monday 13 September 2021
  • Nominations Close: 5 pm Monday 27 September 2021
  • Electoral Roll Closes: 5 pm Monday 27 September 2021
  • Online Polling Opens: 9 am Monday 11 October 2021
  • Online Polling Closes: 12 pm Thursday 14 October 2021
  • Scrutiny: 2 pm Thursday 14 October 2021 (TUSA Boardroom, Sandy Bay Campus)
  • Election Results: Friday 15 October 2021

Get Involved

We welcome your interest in the Annual TUSA Election and encourage you to nominate for a TUSA Student Representative position to have an active voice for all university students and help enhance the student experience.

As well as reading the Position Description and understanding the duties of the position you are interested in, there are some other important things you need to know about participating in the annual election outlined below.

In addition, there are information sessions which will be communicated through our social media channels for you to attend and prior to lodging your nomination, it is compulsory to meet with the CEO of the TUSA to discuss the role/s you are nominating for as well as the TUSA as a whole.  This can be arranged by emailing [email protected].


Are you eligible to nominate for TUSA student representative positions?

Don’t be disappointed – check your eligibility and get your nomination in and confirmed early.

  • Role related eligibility criteria as per the position descriptions for each position.
  • Valid enrolment under Clause 18.1 of the UTAS Student Participation and Attainment Ordinance
  • Good academic and conduct standing*

Specific role related eligibility (further information can be found under Section 5 of each position description):

*details pertaining to this criteria are detailed within the Election Policy

If you or your nominators do not have a valid enrolment your nomination will not be accepted.

Campaigning Ideas

As a candidate in the TUSA student elections, you will want to encourage as many University of Tasmania students as possible to vote for you.  All current students at the University of Tasmania are entitled to vote, provided they satisfy the valid enrolment criteria under  Clause 18.1 of the UTAS Student Participation and Attainment Ordinance.

The most common tried and true campaign methods involve posters, leaflets and talking to students. However, given current numbers of students on campus, we would suggest a combined virtual and in person approach might work better this year.

It may be in your best interest to not only talk to students on your campus, but to find out what students want and need at the satellite campuses too.

To get your message across about why people should vote for you, you can use almost any method you like.  Be as creative as you want, however, there are a few rules that you must follow and there are electoral offences that can carry a penalty.

Please refer to the TUSA Election Policy for important information regarding campaigning, posters, electoral material and other election rules. All of the information about the election will be placed on the TUSA website.

Electoral Tribunal

As per the TUSA Election Policy an Election Tribunal is appointed each year to receive complaints, investigate alleged breaches of electoral rules and determine appropriate disciplinary action.

Members of the Election Tribunal for 2021 are:

  • Sam Gorringe – TUSA General Manager
  • Kate Lee- UTAS Director – Student Services
  • Kate Davey – TUSA Student Advocacy & Welfare Officer


Voting will be conducted online. Only students eligible to vote in the annual election will receive an email at the commencement of voting, which contains a link to the on-line polling. Candidates’ names will appear in a random rotation order each time the on-line polling is accessed.


Scrutineers are people who check to ensure that the process of vote counting is conducted fairly and in accordance with the election regulations of the TUSA.  All candidates may appoint scrutineers, however only one scrutineer per candidate is allowed.  Scrutineers are not to communicate with or hassle voters.

A candidate cannot be a scrutineer for other candidates.  Scrutineers may be present for the online ‘vote count’.  To appoint a scrutineer the candidate must complete the scrutineer form available from the TUSA website after close of nominations and needs to be submitted to the Returning Officer.

Returning Officer

Efi Kleiner
TUSA Business Manager
[email protected]

Tasmanian University Student Association
2 Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay. Tas. 7005
(PO Box 5055, University of Tasmania LPO)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What do I need to do to nominate to be a TUSA Student Rep? 

A: Check your eligibility here and complete nomination form on our website. Candidates may provide a statement of up to 150 words in support of their nomination and a photo of themselves. This will be published on the TUSA website, the online polling system and other means used to promote the election. 


Q: Do you get paid to be a student rep? 

A: Yes, all roles are remunerated. See all position descriptions here for an indication of pay rates. 


Q: How much of my time will it require? 

A: The is dependant on the position. See all position descriptions here for an indication of time commitment requirements. 


Q: What are the benefits of working for the Student Association? 

A: You get to be a part of shaping the future for students at UTAS, at the same time as giving yourself the opportunity to innovate, grow and become a community leader both now and into the future.  


Q: Do I have to campaign? 

A: It’s not compulsory to campaign, however this is the best way to encourage UTAS students to vote for you. For campaigning ideas, check out our website 


Q: Are there rules about what I can and can’t do when campaigning? 

A: Yes, good question. All intending candidates should be aware of and abide by the current TUSA Election policy. 


Q: Is there an opportunity to have my photo taken professionally? 

A: Yes, the TUSA will provide a free photo opportunity at a time to be advised. 


Q: Do I have to attend meetings? 

A: Yes, you will likely sit on committees, attend a range of meetings with TUSA (including the Board of Management), UTAS and external stakeholders. 


Q: Will I have space to work if required? 

A: Yes, at each of the campuses, there is a dedicated or ‘hot’ desk for each student rep.  


Q: What are the social benefits of becoming a student rep? 

A: There is plenty of time for fun and laughter…in fact we encourage it. You get to be part of the TUSA family, join in on team activities and make some friends for life. 

Vote via online ballot in your UTAS email

Polling opens at 9 am, Monday 11 October 2021
Polling closes at 12 pm, Thursday 14 October 2021

See your 2022 candidates