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These are your student representative candidates for the 2024 State Council.


Tom Coughlin

Greetings, I’m Tom, embarking on my second university journey. What’s evident this time is the stark contrast in the student experience. The campus lacks its once vibrant culture and the essence of university life seems dimmed. Academically, the status quo falls short. In my ‘on-campus’ subjects, there’s an absence of face-to-face interaction, tutorials, practicals, and collaborative learning. Change is imperative. Our university must enhance its approach to offer a well-rounded education that justifies the fees we pay and equips us with relevant skills for the job market.

I’m seeking your mandate to be your advocate. I pledge to fearlessly voice your concerns, urging the university to uphold its commitment to students and the essence of higher education.

Liam McLaren (he/him)

Hey! It’s me again! I am re-running for the TUSA President and NUS Delegate.

As you may already know, I am the current 2023 TUSA President, and have served during a time of significant change at the University. We have seen management been overhauled, Launceston campus move is in full swing, meanwhile Hobart is almost completely on ice, and students are *slowly* making their way back on to campus.

 We have made huge strides in some spaces such as food security, on-campus learning and student experience, student partnerships, and student voice in decision-making. Yet there is so far to go in these and things like SSAF spending, accommodation affordability and access to medical services, and that is why I am running again for 2024.

 Your vote matters! The Your Uni, Your TUSA team are back and we present a strong, united, and independent voice for UTAS students!

Equity President

Mark Warrington (he/him)

I’m Mark Warrington and I’m excited to be running for Equity President. As someone living with vision and hearing impairments, I have a unique perspective on the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. My lived experiences inform my deep empathy for students living with disabilities on campus, and I’m committed to advocating for their needs.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I understand the challenges faced by marginalized groups and am dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable campus environment. My personal background growing up in a farming community with traditional values has presented me with challenges that I have overcome, allowing me to bring a level of resilience and determination to the role of Equity President.

If elected, I will work tirelessly to make our university a more inclusive and supportive community for all students regardless of their background.

Your Uni, Your TUSA. The united leadership team!

Education President (Undergraduate)

Kt Lertsinpakdee (she/her)

My name is Kt Lertsinpakdee. I am a first-year medicine student, and I am running for 2024 Education President (Undergraduate).

As students, we are entitled to high-quality education, and I believe the university fails to meet our academic needs. Students have consistently raised concerns regarding the online learning experience, the reduction in face-to-face teaching opportunities, and the decline in the standard of education. Our voices have largely been ignored.

As your Education President, I am committed to listening to issues raised on the ground, taking them to the highest levels of university governance and advocating for your feedback to be heard, understood, and acted upon. I will strive to ensure the university is held accountable for its actions and fight for the necessary systemic changes to improve our student experience.

Please vote for Kt Lertsinpakdee for Education President (Undergraduate) and all Your Uni, Your TUSA candidates.

Darcy Loftus (she/her)

My name is Darcy Loftus, I am currently in my first year studying Bachelor of Laws at UTAS. I would like to be considered as a candidate for Education President – Undergraduate. My extra-curricular activities include undergraduate representative of the Society of African Students (SAS), a member of TULS, and the tennis club. My strengths include organization, strategy, communication, and bringing people together. My goal is to be the spokesperson for academic societies by working cooperatively with the TUSA representatives. I would like to have the opportunity to utilize my creativity, kindness, and diverse life experiences to represent the academic societies and to help represent all students more effectively.

Education President (Postgraduate)

Bilal Rafaqat (he/him)

I am running for the position of Education President – Postgraduate in 2024. Currently pursuing a Masters in IT, my academic background doesn’t solely define my interests; I’m also passionate about philosophy, history, politics, and law. I’m an outspoken individual who fearlessly discusses social issues on social media, making me a powerful advocate for your concerns within the university.

My commitment lies in instigating positive change, amplifying student voices, and ensuring an enriching university experience for everyone. I envision elevating academic, social, and emotional well-being for students. My primary objective is to bridge the gap between industry and academia, creating an environment that prepares us for real-world challenges.

By forging strategic alliances with local industries and organizing Career Development events, we can gain valuable practical insights that align with our academic pursuits.

Remember, your vote for the “Your Uni, Your Tusa” team signifies a vote for progress, collaboration, and advancement.

Shan-Yu, Yu (she/her)

As a postgraduate student, I am cognisant of the many issues facing postgrads in their studies. As your candidate for Education President (Postgraduate), I will endeavour to address the following issues, which include but not limited to:

Improving postgrads’ career prospects by:
1. Advocating for stronger career support for students to address the discrepancies and uncertainties regarding their employability by improving job visibility and professional networks.
2. Lobbying to open workshops and more internship programs to develop and enhance practical skills which can be recognised as experience in their resume.

Enhancing postgraduate academic support by:
1. Lobbying for more accessible English-language learning workshops for all international students 
2. Working to enhance the current scholarship offerings available to postgraduate students to 40% of scholarships; to extend availability to other academic cohorts; and broaden the eligibility requirements for application.

Southern Campus President

Jack Oates Pryor (he/they)

Great student experiences are based on engagement and wellbeing. Currently, UTAS student experiences need to improve.

As your Southern Campus President, I will connect, and I will care. I will create a better, student-led experience for you, because:
– I will take bold action to improve engagement across our multiple southern campus locations, particularly with Clubs and Societies; and
– I will be an empathetic and caring student advocate for all.

I am an Arts (Theatre, German) / Laws student, who loves hiking, deep chats with friends, and free food. I am experienced in similar, substantial leadership roles as a liaison between students and staff.

Tell me what you need, and I will be your effective liaison for positive change.

EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Vote for me, Jack O.P., and the Your Uni, Your TUSA candidates to elect a united leadership team creating a better, student-led experience for you.

Jasheer Sameer (he/him)

Hello Dear Friends,

My name is Jasheer, and I am running for the 2024 UNIVERSITY SOUTHERN CAMPUS PRESIDENT. Interesting Fact about me, I am a Huge Sports Enthusiastic and I have previously pursued leadership positions in my school Days.

I am Honored to stand before you to promote growth and support for all Students, Clubs and Societies!

‘TOGETHER, LET US’ shape a campus where every student flourishes.
YOUR VOTE FOR JASHEER is an investment in a future brimming with limitless support and achievements.

Thank you for considering me to lead our campus toward excellence.

Northern Campus President

Libby Alsop (she/her)

I am running for Northern President, and I am so excited for this opportunity. I believe I would be great for this position because I am always happy to listen to what others have to say and try to find solutions. I have a keen interest in improving safety and accessibility for all students, whilst bringing back the vibrant student life to the Northern campuses. With the move to Invermay, I want to ensure the campus follows suit by increasing parking availability for students and ensuring the Newnham students are not left behind, especially by looking to improve the bus services available. I aim to also remediate sustainable practices in the North by reducing waste and enhancing education.

My main goal is to make sure the Northern students are heard on what they want and need.

Please vote for me and the other Your Uni, Your TUSA candidates.

Cradle Coast Campus President

Laura Johnson (she/her)

Hello, I’m Laura Johnson, and I am running for Cradle Coast President and a NUS Delegate position.

In 2024, I will be commencing my final year of my Bachelor of Social Work with Honours. In my time at University, I have been given the opportunity to represent the student body several times. For example, in early 2023, I was invited to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of being a rural student with the Hon Emma McBride.

I understand the struggles and joys that come from being a university student. If nominated, some of the things I would like to address is implementing paid prac, ensuring that Cradle Coast students receive the same opportunities as students throughout the state or further and creating an inclusive and positive educational learning experience.

Thank you for your time today.

Bee Talbot (they/them)

I am passionate about the student experience at UTAS. As a student myself, I am impacted by what happens at UTAS and I want to ensure that all students enjoy their time at UTAS and feel supported in all that they do. I am a social person and love to meet new people and find out what they love and want to get out of their time in Uni. Therefore, I hope you will consider me for the Cradle Coast TUSA President position.

Rozelle Campus President

Matthew Douglass (he/him)

Hello! I’m Matthew and I’m proud to be running to be your TUSA Rozelle President. When not at university, you can find me flying, hiking, or wolfing down Gelato Messina.

Despite Rozelle being UTAS’s smallest campus, I wholeheartedly believe we punch well above our weight. As your president, I would fight to ensure our societies receive fair funding, elevate Rozelle voices at the whole of university level, and champion a strong interfaculty environment on campus.

As your advocate to TUSA and the university, I would ensure, despite our geographical separation from Tasmania, that our Rozellian voices are heard loud and proud. As your president, I would strive to create, strengthen, and foster student support services and networks, particularly for unpaid placements, as so many of us have to do.

A president for you, a president for all. Together, let’s put Rozelle on the map!

Aggrey Ongoro (he/him)

Sure thing! Here’s a 150-word essay for you:

As a candidate for Rozelle Campus President, I am eager to take on the responsibility of leading our student body. I believe that I have the qualities necessary to make a difference in our school community. I am a dedicated and approachable individual who genuinely cares about the well-being of my fellow students. If elected, I will strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. I will work tirelessly to address the concerns and needs of our student body, and I will actively seek opportunities to enhance our school experience. Together, let’s make our school a place where everyone feels valued and supported. Vote for me as your Rozelle Campus President, and together, we can make a positive impact! #VoteForMe 🗳️🎉

National Union of Students (NUS) Delegate

Nick Cronin (he/him)

My name is Nick Cronin, and I’m excited to be running for an NUS Delegate position.

I’m studying for a Bachelor of Business majoring in Managing People and Organisations, I’m the 2023 President of Jane Franklin Hall, and have a passion for enhancing the university experience!

I’m a great believer in the union movement and, specifically, in the union movement doing great things for students. As someone with extensive experience in both politics and the student politics space, I believe that I could do great things in the role, giving back to my community.

At Jane this year, my committee and I have worked hard to enhance our residents’ experience of university life by holding more inclusive events and working more productively with the other residences.

If you’d like to see positive change at Uni, then please, vote for me, as well as all our Your Uni, Your TUSA candidates!

Stella Maddock (she/her)

My name is Stella Maddock, and I am running for the position of NUS delegate.

Following the Australian Universities Accord Interim Report done this year, students are struggling all over. From increases in the cost of living, lack of safety on campuses, and lack of SSAF funding going back into student’s hands. Being a NUS delegate allows these issues to be raised on a national level, highlighting UTAS’s unique student population and student issues, having campuses across Lutruwita/Tasmania and Gadigal/Sydney areas.

Coming from TUSA State Council this year as Deputy President and Southern Campus President, I believe I would be the best fit for this position as my prior experience has given me the pleasure of representing UTAS students to UTAS and their committees, Hobart City Council Chancellors, and Parliamentarians.

Please vote for Stella Maddock as one of your NUS delegates and all Your Uni, Your TUSA candidates.

Additionally, following candidates are running for the position of NUS delegate on top of their presidential nominations:

  • Libby Alsop (Northern Campus President)
  • Tom Coughlin (President)
  • Laura Johnson (Cradle Coast Campus President)
  • Kt Lertsinpakdee (Education President – Undergraduate)
  • Darcy Loftus (Education President – Undergraduate)
  • Liam McLaren (President)
  • Aggrey Ongoro (Rozelle Campus President)
  • Jack Oates Pryor (Southern Campus President)
  • Bilal Rafaqat (Education President – Postgraduate)
  • Jasheer Sameer (Southern Campus President)
  • Bee Talbot (Cradle Coast Campus President)
  • Shan-Yu Yu (Education President – Postgraduate)
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