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These are your elected student representatives for 2022.

See the State Council’s Key Focus Areas for 2022 here and read about what they have delivered here.


Sophie Crothers (she/her)

Hi everyone! I’m Sophie, your 2022 President for TUSA. I’m in my fifth year of a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Law here at UTAS, and I love anything to do with houseplants, art or hiking!

As State President, my job is to manage the TUSA State Council and work closely with the TUSA staff to ensure your concerns are heard by the University. This means I work in a lot of areas – building upon TUSA’s strategic direction, fighting for student rights with academic issues, but most importantly talking to students so that we are always informed about what you want.

My team of student representatives and I sit on a number of UTAS committees so that we can take your voice and your feedback right to the top of the decision-making.

Please feel free to get in touch about anything – ideas for events or programs, problems you see at UTAS, how to get involved with TUSA, or just a chat! I look forward to meeting you. Reach out anytime at

Equity President

Veda Surapaneni (she/they)

Hi everyone! As your 2022 Equity President I work with and advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students with disability, LGBTQI+ students, international students and students who identify as women. My goal in this role is to ensure all members of the UTAS community feel comfortable coming to me and the rest of the TUSA team with your concerns.

Starting uni in 2020, I know how unbelievably strange the last two years have been for students. But moving into a new year, the TUSA team and I will be there for you, to get through whatever 2022 throws at us together!

I am currently in my 3rd year of Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science/Bachelor of Engineering, but when I’m not on campus, you can find me outdoors, at a mates place, or in town on the weekend. An interest of mine is micro-plastic circulation in the ocean, and hopefully one day I will be able to travel around the world conducting research.

You can reach out to me in person if you see me around on campus, or via email at!

Education President (Undergraduate)

Raigama (Kuku) Wijeratne (he/him)

Hey everyone! I’m Kuku, your TUSA Undergraduate Education President for 2022! I’m a third-year law student who is super enthusiastic about cars!

My role as the Undergraduate Education President involves representing Undergrads in all academic matters at the University. I’ll be working closely with representatives of academic societies, the TUSA team, and UTAS staff to ensure that all academic concerns of Undergraduates are addressed effectively.

My primary goal is to ensure that classes are delivered in a way that suits the learning styles of students – especially with UTAS’s move to the city and the adoption of the mixed learning system. I will also strive to make sure that COVID does not negatively affect your studies at UTAS!

I look forward to all the excitement that 2022 is to bring and please feel free to reach out with anything that I can do for you! You can email me via

Education President (Postgraduate)

Ariane Moore (she/her)

I’m Ari and I’m a third-year PhD candidate in philosophy. I’m honoured to have been elected as your Education President – Postgraduate for 2022 and I’m eager to get to work to support the postgraduate community. I understand that postgraduates have very diverse needs and I’m focused on advocating for those studying on-campus and via distance at the Academic Senate, University Research Committee, and many other university bodies.

When I’m not studying or working I enjoy painting, watching Korean dramas, and hanging out in the bush.

Whether you have suggestions, concerns, or want to know more about what I can offer as your postgraduate representative, I’d love to hear from you! Reach out anytime at

Southern Campus President

Liam Clegg (he/him)

Hi, I’m Liam Clegg and I am so excited to be your Southern Campus President for 2022! I am a third year Marine and Antarctic Science student and if you don’t see me out on the weekends with friends, I am most likely hiking, snorkelling and exploring the beautiful Tassie wilderness.

As Southern Campus President, I will strive to ensure that every student in the south has the best possible experience with UTAS, whether that be with our many clubs and societies, living in accommodation or engaging with on-campus activities. If you are studying online or face-to-face, I will endeavour to make sure your experience with us is an enjoyable one. Creating a dynamic and lively campus in the south is an important job which I can’t wait to be a part of this year! Reach out anytime at

Northern Campus President

Miao Yu (she/her)

Hello, I am Miao, your Northern Campus President for 2022. This role will give me the opportunity to keep your best interests in mind, be your voice and support, and bring your concerns to the TUSA, Student Experience Committee, and UTAS. My goal is to provide you a better university experience, including those students who study online.

A little bit about me – I am currently in my second year of a master’s degree in Professional Accounting specializing in Business Management. Previously, I graduated with a master’s degree in Chinese Translation at the University of Queensland and became a NAATI accredited translator / interpreter. I have also been involved in student unions and student organizations since 2015. I am particularly passionate about cross-cultural communication and people-to-people exchange.

I am super keen to work with all of you, not only those I have talked with, including executives, staff, and student representatives from societies and clubs. With your help, together we will revive the clubs and societies, implement more initiatives, and create an inclusive, fun, engaging and active student’s life experience in the northern campus! I can’t wait to talk with you and see what we can create together in 2022! You can reach out to me via email at: Cheers ?

Cradle Coast Campus President

Alec Lamont

Hey, I’m Alec Lamont and I’m your Cradle Coast Campus President! I’m a third year Psychological Science student with a deep passion for people and empowering those who I get to work with to achieve what’s possible.

Settling into a new campus in our now COVID endemic world has led to many challenges in engaging you. “Why come on campus when I can study at home?” Try: “why would I not come on campus and enjoy the fantastic facilities and communities there are on offer to me?” My goal is to make the latter question the primary one by representing you and making this new campus as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Now is the perfect time to get this right for everyone; to get this right for you.

Outside of my role as Campus President, I’m a patchwork of passions, hobbies and enjoyments; I’d love to hear yours. If you see me about, feel free to ask me for a chat!

Rozelle Campus President

Amy Ross-Hodges (she/her)

As the Rozelle Campus President for 2022 in Sydney, I am looking forward to hearing all the current and new coming students wants and feedbacks on how we can make the University of Tasmania that even bit better! I aim to ensure that our students have an enjoyable and the best experience we can (especially after the difficulties of covid!).

I want to be able to be a friendly face or just a message away so you can feel you can talk to about anything, and I am serious I love a good listen especially rants or even any ideas you may have so feel free to shoot me a message or give me a call!

I feel so blessed to have been given a chance at representing the students at Rozelle and can’t wait to work alongside all the clubs and societies that bring so much joy and take the stress away from the pressures of Uni itself. I am excited to see what the year has to come and all the new and improved things we bring to the table for 2022 and for you all! Reach out anytime at .

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