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These are your elected student representatives for 2023.

See the State Council’s Key Focus Areas for 2023 here and read about what they have delivered here.


Liam McLaren (he/him)

Hey everyone! I’m Liam, your 2023 TUSA President. I’m in my Honours ‘year’ of pursuing a Bachelor of Science, focusing on regenerative agriculture. I’m a sports enthusiast, love hiking, and exploring new places.

As TUSA President, I oversee the TUSA State Council and collaborate closely with the staff to address your concerns with the University. My responsibilities include shaping TUSA’s strategic direction, advocating for student rights, and engaging with students to understand their needs. I’m particularly passionate about amplifying student voice and representation, ensuring access to essential resources, and promoting transparency within TUSA and the university.

My team and I actively participate in various UTAS committees to advocate for your interests and bring your feedback to the decision-making process. We aim to make students true partners in shaping university policies.

As student representatives, our main objective is to represent you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me regarding event ideas, issues at UTAS or TUSA, opportunities to get involved, or simply for a chat! I’m excited to meet you and you can contact me anytime at

Equity President

Trenton Hoare (they/them)

Hello everyone! I’m Trenton Hoare (they/them), your Equity President for 2023. I’m proud to represent the diverse voices and experiences within our university community. Currently, I’m a third-year Bachelor of Arts student, majoring in sociology and Politics & Policy. When I’m not studying, you can find me exploring the beautiful island, dancing on a lively dancefloor, or engaging in discussions about domestic and international politics.

Creating an inclusive and equitable society is my utmost passion, both within the University and in the broader community. UTAS attracts individuals from various backgrounds, and it’s crucial to break down the social and academic barriers that students face.

I’m particularly dedicated to advocating for individuals with physical and mental disabilities, LGBTQIA+ communities, and people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, including First Nations peoples. I’m here to listen to every student and ensure that everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from, has a seat at the table.

As your Student Representative, I’m committed to being accessible and approachable. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at with any concerns or issues you’d like to discuss. Your voice matters, and I’m here to advocate for you.

Education President (Undergraduate)

Zac Sabapathy (he/him)

Hello everyone,

My name is Zac, your 2023 Education President (Undergraduate). In 2023, I will be in my fifth and final year of my Arts-Law combined degree. In my arts degree, I major in Politics. Learning is something I am passionate about, and this passion extends beyond the subjects in my degree. I envision the university as a hub of learning where students can acquire the tools to succeed in life and pursue their dreams.

During my four years at UTAS, I have witnessed significant issues regarding educational quality and strategy, based on my own experiences and those of others. TUSA presents a unique opportunity to advocate for our right to quality education by being involved in various committees at UTAS.

I am determined to ensure that learning is tailored to the needs of students because, ultimately, we are the ones investing in our education and we understand what works best for us. Throughout 2023, my mission is to ensure that no student is left behind, regardless of the degree they are pursuing.

To achieve these goals, I need your assistance in providing me with insights about the diverse range of degrees that students are studying. Whether you have significant concerns or minor issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Education President (Postgraduate)

Nousheen Naz (she/her)

I’m Nousheen, a third-year PhD candidate in Education, and I have been elected as the Education President – Postgraduate for 2023. I’m super excited to have the opportunity to support the postgraduate community. I fully understand the diverse needs of postgraduates and I am committed to advocating for and effectively representing our postgraduate community’s concerns at various university bodies such as the Academic Senate and the University Research Committee.

When I’m not studying or working, I enjoy spending quality time with my children, cooking, and engaging in community volunteer work.

Whether you have ideas, suggestions, concerns, or would like to learn more about what I can offer as your postgraduate representative, I am eager to hear from you! I am just a click away. Feel free to connect with me anytime at

Southern Campus President

Stella Maddock (she/her)

Hi everyone! I’m Stella, and I am thrilled to be your Southern Campus President for 2023! I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Laws and Media and Communications at UTAS. When I’m not at uni, you can find me hanging out with my friends, watching movies, and enjoying all of Tassie’s beauty.

As the Southern Campus President for 2023, my main goals are to ensure that the experience on the Hobart Campus truly reflects a university experience. This includes everyday engagement with a range of clubs and societies, providing the best possible accommodation experience, and fostering a vibrant campus life and engagement, whether you are based in Sandy Bay, the city, or participating in distance learning.

However, a community experience won’t be possible without your participation! Feel free to message me or approach me in person, whether it’s just for a friendly chat or to voice any concerns about what’s happening on our campus.

You can reach me at

Northern Campus President

Ryan Stanaway (he/him)

Hello, I’m Ryan, your Northern Campus President for 2023. This role will give me the opportunity to keep your best interests in mind, be your voice and support, and bring your concerns to TUSA, the Student Experience Committee, and UTAS. My goal is to provide you with a better university experience, including for those students who study online.

A little bit about me – I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Maritime Engineering at AMC, specializing in Naval Architecture. I moved to Launceston at the start of 2021 to study and have a distinct passion for building connections between all facets of campus life in Launceston.

I am super keen to work with all of you, including executives, staff, and student representatives from societies and clubs whom I’ve already had the opportunity to talk with. With your help, together we will revive the clubs and societies, implement more initiatives, and create an inclusive, fun, engaging, and active student life experience on the northern campus! I can’t wait to talk with you and see what we can create together in 2023! You can reach out to me anytime at Cheers, and I look forward to meeting everyone throughout the year!

Cradle Coast Campus President

Alec Lamont

Hey, I’m Alec Lamont, and I’m your Cradle Coast Campus President! I’m a third-year Psychological Science student with a deep passion for people and empowering those I work with to achieve what’s possible.

Settling into a new campus in our now COVID-endemic world has led to many challenges in engaging with you. “Why come on campus when I can study at home?” Try: “Why would I not come on campus and enjoy the fantastic facilities and communities that are on offer to me?” My goal is to make the latter question the primary one by representing you and making this new campus as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Now is the perfect time to get this right for everyone; to get this right for you.

Outside of my role as Campus President, I’m a patchwork of passions, hobbies, and enjoyments; I’d love to hear about yours. If you see me around, feel free to ask me for a chat!

You can reach me at

Rozelle Campus President

Lucy Castelletti (she/her)

Hey everyone! I’m Lucy Castelletti, your 2023 Rozelle Campus President. I’m a second-year Paramedicine student dedicated to serving and empowering those around me, and I’m always up for a chat (and a coffee!).

Our time studying at Rozelle might go by fast, but that makes it all the more important to ensure each moment is as memorable and rewarding as possible. My goal this year is to increase the visibility and accessibility of TUSA in Sydney and ensure that Rozelle voices are firmly represented in all conversations and changes. This year, my biggest question for you is: “How can I help?”

If you have an idea, concern, comment, or query about your UTAS experience, I would absolutely love to hear from you! Feel free to have a chat if you see me in the hallway or prac rooms on campus, or reach out at

State Council Campaign Manager – Non-Elected Support Staff

Chloe Harris – State Council Campaign Manager (she/her)

Chloe has been selected by the State Council to support them in the implementation of campaigns on key issues faced by students. Here’s a bit about Chloe:

As the Campaign Coordinator, I’m responsible for managing most of what you see on the TUSA State Council social media pages. I ensure that students are aware of who the State Council members are and what they are working on. I collaborate with the State Council to share the messages they want students to know and keep them informed about how their State Council is supporting them.

In addition to this role, I’m also in my final year of a Bachelor of Arts and Business, which keeps me quite busy. However, when I do find some free time, I enjoy reading and playing video games. If you happen to see me around, don’t hesitate to say hi!

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