Community Support FAQs

Do I need to be part of a religious or cultural group to access support?

Most places welcome all. Some services are targeting particular groups such as international students. You can find out more by contacting the specific service for details.

Do I have to give my name or provide evidence that I have lost my job?

Most places providing immediate food relief do not need to know your name, but some support organisations will need to know who you are so they can help you properly. Some service providers may require evidence of hardship.

Do I need to provide my Student ID?

Some places may ask for your Student ID, if they do you can ask if they are recording information or just checking whether you are a student.

Are there any other organisations in my area that might not be on this list?

Yes! This list is not comprehensive, as new organisations are putting their hands up to help all the time. Google your area, use the ASK IZZY app, keep an eye on the news and check back here for updates.

Our list mainly focuses on food relief programs. Another wonderful resource which covers a much broader range of services is

These people are helping me, how can I give back?

There may not be a way for you to volunteer at the moment, but after the virus restrictions lift these organisations are still out in our community helping people, so keep them in mind for future volunteering or donations.

There are also other valuable ways you can help by reaching out to people for conversations, contact people you know and find out how they are going, or organise to do an activity together on the phone. Always be mindful of current Covid-19 restrictions.