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About us

COMET is a social justice project which aims to support and empower disadvantaged youth. COMET provides an opportunity for current law students at the University of Tasmania to run workshops at various youth shelters in Hobart discussing key concepts and responsibilities under the Tasmanian Criminal Law.

Young people are at high risk of becoming offenders or victims of crime, particularly those experiencing homelessness. This is partly because young people find it difficult to understand the law and, as a result, do not understand what their rights and obligations are.

COMET runs engaging, accessible and informative education sessions to assist youth to make informed decisions. Participants are encouraged to consider the legal consequences of actions, and are afforded the opportunity to gain some basic legal insight.

COMET aims to make a positive societal impact at a grassroots level by providing youth with an informal support network, and directing session participants towards appropriate services when necessary.

Want to get involved?

Would you like to give back to your community? Help educate youth about the law in a fun causal and collaborative environment? Then becoming a General Representative could be the role for you!

COMET is a practical way for you to use and expand your legal knowledge to make a positive difference at the grassroots level in our local community, while working to reduce disadvantages and increase equality.

The role of a General Representative includes going to women’s shelters and working with the girls to educate them about different areas of the law and help them understand what their rights are. This year COMET has also expanded into schools in order to help the youth of the community understand the law and how it works.

If you are interested in joining the COMET Team, please email us to express your interest and we will let you know when opportunities become available. You can also follow us on Facebook to keep up with our activities and news.
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