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Committee Roles

Each Club/Society is run by an executive:

These roles are in place for the academic year and are there to lead and guide the Club/Society. In the first instance when setting up a new Club/Society, you can pick who will take these roles.

As a group decide who will do each role, you can talk this through with the TUSA for help on understanding what each role does. You can also choose to have additional positions e.g. Vice President, Activities Officer, Education Officer if you think they would be helpful to run your Club/Society. Once you have chosen who will fill these positions use the club affiliation form on Qpay to submit the information to the TUSA Clubs & Societies team.

At the end of the academic year they will become internally elected at your AGM.

TUSA has created position descriptions for your references, it may help you understand more about each role.

For more information, please download the C+S Handbook 2022.

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