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Code of Conduct

Read the full Code of Conduct policy here.

1. Background

This Code of Conduct recognises that university unions are a distinct form of community. The Tasmanian University Student Association (TUSA) is committed to upholding a culture whereby individual performance and behaviour is consistent with the vision and core values of our TUSA community. Individuals associated with the TUSA therefore have a legal and moral responsibility to conduct themselves and manage the organisation in the best interests of the community it serves.

2. Objective

The objective of this Code of Conduct is to:

  • Provide a guide for community members in relation to the standards of behaviour expected at the TUSA.
  • Serve as a broad framework that will help TUSA community members decide on the appropriate course of action when faced with an ethical decision. It cannot, for practical purposes, seek to cover all issues which could arise.

3. Scope

This policy is applicable to all members of the TUSA community, collectively referred to in this policy as “TUSA community members” or simply “community members”, which includes:

  1. Board of Management directors;
  2. all student representatives and employees of the TUSA;
  3. Togatus staff;
  4. volunteers engaged with the TUSA;
  5. visitors and agents of the TUSA;
  6. all members of Clubs & Societies affiliated with the TUSA; and
  7. all persons performing work at the direction of, in connection with, or on behalf of the TUSA (e.g. contractors, sub-contractors, agents, consultants, and temporary staff).

This policy applies to all TUSA community members engaged in any activity in connection with the TUSA on University of Tasmania (UTAS) premises and campuses. This policy also applies to all activities that extend or occur away from UTAS premises and campuses that are reasonably connected to the TUSA and our activities, including but not limited to field trips, TUSA related social activities, and conduct that takes place via electronic communication and virtual environments, including social media.

4. Standards of Conduct

4.1 Personal and Professional Behaviour

The standards below indicate the personal and professional behaviour the TUSA requires all community members to adhere to. It is by no means exhaustive.

TUSA community members are expected to:

  1. be honest and fair in dealings with other TUSA community members and the broader public, treating all people with courtesy and respect;
  2. be faithful and diligent, and actively pursue the TUSA’s best interests at all times (see clause 4.3 on Conflicts of Interest);
  3. work in a safe and compliant manner, and to observe general workplace health and safety rules, responsibilities, and legalisation;
  4. not engage in conduct, whether during or after work hours, that in the opinion of the TUSA causes damage or potential damage to the TUSA’s property or reputation;
  5. refrain from any discriminatory, bullying, or harassing behaviour toward other TUSA community members and the broader public (see Workplace Harassment & Bullying Policy);
  6. not discriminate based on personal characteristics, including but not limited to gender, gender identity, race, disability, pregnancy, age, marital status, or sexual orientation (see clause 4.2 on Equity, Diversity, and Social Inclusion);
  7. devote their entire time, attention, and skill during normal working hours and at other times as reasonably necessary;
  8. not make any public statements that may harm the TUSA’s reputation (see clause 4.5 on Public Comment);
  9. not abuse the advantages of their position for private purposes or solicit or accept any gift or benefit in connection with their involvement with the TUSA which might compromise individual and/or organisational integrity (see clause 4.4 on Acceptance of Gifts or Benefits);
  10. not use, or come to work while affected by the use of prohibited drugs or alcohol;
  11. ensure and maintain punctuality;
  12. dress in an appropriate manner and to ensure that appearance is presentable, clean, neat, and tidy, including but not limited to wearing any uniform that is required of you by the TUSA;
  13. not use TUSA internet or email to access, download and/or send sexually explicit or suggestive material, or other offensive or harassing material;
  14. maintain the confidentiality of any confidential information, records or other materials acquired during the course of involvement with the TUSA, both during and after termination of engagement with the TUSA;
  15. at all times, behave in a way that upholds the TUSA’s core values, integrity, and good reputation; and
  16. report any conduct of other TUSA community members which is in actual or potential breach of any of the above, without delay (see clause 6 on Breach of this Policy).

4.2 Equity, Diversity, and Social Inclusion

A central tenet of the TUSA community is respect for a range of views and opinions. TUSA community members are instrumental in creating an environment where all members can participate fully and find a sense of belonging. In accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity & Discrimination Policy, and Workplace Harassment & Bullying Policy, TUSA Community Members are expected to:

  1. create a fair, inclusive, and safe community environment, where diversity is valued and where unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation in any form are considered unacceptable; and
  2. seek to understand their rights and responsibility in relation to State and Federal anti-discrimination legislation and integrate the principles of equality of opportunity, natural justice and inclusivity into their day-to-day practices and behaviours.

4.3 Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest can be inevitable and do not, of themselves, imply impropriety. A conflict of interest will arise, however, where a TUSA community member engages in activities or advances personal interests at expense of the TUSA’s interest. In accordance with the Conflict of Interest Policy, community members must:

  1. immediately disclose any potential, perceived or actual conflict of interest (whether direct or indirect) that may give rise to a conflict with the performance of the community member’s obligations to the TUSA, or the TUSA’s business, confidential information or reputational interests. The TUSA may direct community members to take action to eliminate or reduce any such conflict, and community members must comply with such directions.

4.4 Acceptance of Gifts or Benefits

From time to time, TUSA community members may be offered gifts such as equipment, consumables, entertainment, and hospitality from external donors. TUSA community members must not, in connection with the community member’s engagement with the TUSA, accept any financial or other benefit from any entity other than the TUSA, unless acceptance of such benefit is in accordance with the Gifts & Benefits Policy or is otherwise disclosed to, and expressly permitted by, the General Manager.

4.5 Public Comment

The TUSA is committed to principles of academic freedom, and it is expected that TUSA community members will challenge society’s ideas and contribute to open debate by commenting publicly within areas of their professional expertise. However, In accordance with the Media Policy, Student Media Togatus Policy, and Social Media Policy, TUSA community members must:

  1. not make any statements to the media about the TUSA’s business, unless expressly authorised to do so by the General Manager, Chairperson, or State President. All requests for media statements should be referred to the General Manager, or State President for comment;
  2. not make any statements about the TUSA on social media, or any other public platform, that may harm the TUSA’s reputation.

4.6 Compliance

All TUSA community members are required to comply with this Code and relevant related standards, including:

  1. compliance with all TUSA and workplace policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and contracts;
  2. compliance with all laws; and
  3. compliance with all reasonable and lawful instructions given by or on behalf of the TUSA.

5. Complaints

The TUSA strongly encourages any community member who believes they have experienced or witnessed workplace conduct in breach of this code to take appropriate action in accordance with the Grievance & Complaints Handling Policy.

Complaints made in pursuance of this policy will be treated confidentially. To the extent possible, the TUSA will maintain confidentiality throughout the course of the resolution procedure with details disclosed only to relevant parties, and only to the extent necessary to properly deal with the complaint.

TUSA community members will not be disadvantaged for raising a complaint, even if it is not upheld, unless the complaint was untrue and vexatious.

6. Breach of Policy

The TUSA treats any breach of its policies or procedures seriously. The TUSA encourages reporting of concerns about non-compliance and will manage compliance in accordance with the TUSA’s Enterprise Agreement, Discipline & Termination Policy, or any industrial agreement or policy that succeeds these documents.

7. Responsibilities under this Policy

It is the responsibility of TUSA management to ensure that:

  1. this Code of Conduct is implemented, and its observance is monitored; and
  2. breaches of the Code of Conduct are dealt with promptly and in accordance with the TUSA’s Enterprise Agreement, Grievance & Complaint Handling Policy, and Disciplinary & Termination Policy.

It is the responsibility of TUSA community members to ensure that:

  1. they familiarise themselves with the terms of this policy; and
  2. they understand, support, and act in accordance with the behaviours outlined in this policy.

8. Relevant Documentation

TUSA community members are encouraged to read this policy in conjunction with other relevant legislation, ordinances, policies and/or procedures, or those that succeed these documents.

TUSA policies and procedures:

  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Discipline & Termination Policy
  • Equal Employment Opportunity & Discrimination Policy
  • Gifts & Benefits Policy
  • Grievance & Complaints Handling Policy
  • Media Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Student Media Togatus Policy
  • Workplace Harassment & Bullying Policy

UTAS ordinances, policies, procedures and/or rules:

  • Student Behaviour and Conduct Ordinance
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Behaviour Procedure (UNDER REVIEW)

9. Review

This policy will be reviewed annually, or as needed, by the General Manager. Any amendments deemed necessary will be approved by the TUSA Board of Management.

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