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We provide social events with the objective of connecting young people with the Catholic faith+supporting and encouraging Catholic students in their spiritual, intellectual, and human development of their faith, in seeking to build a Catholic culture.
You might be a new university student who stumbled upon our page from Orientation-Week, or just someone looking for a Catholic community to belong to and grow with. You’ve found the right place.
CSFT is established in 2021 and aiming be a place for those who want to connect with new friends, learn and deepen their love for Christ in community and share His eternal truth to the world. We affiliated with The Tasmanian University Student Association (TUSA) and the Australian Catholic Student Association (ACSA).
Our main objectives are;
•To promote and connect members with the Catholic Faith.
•To bring nurture a better understanding of Catholicism.
•To provide a faith community for all Catholics and individuals.
•To enhance the interactions between students regardless of their religious background.
•To provide volunteering opportunity to members so they may serve other members of community.
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