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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander at TUSA

At TUSA we acknowledge the Aboriginal country upon which we live and learn and respect and celebrate indigenous knowledge. If you are a UTAS student who identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, here’s the page to help you navigate university life, with info on the communities you’ll want to join, the people you can come to with concerns and questions, and a Frequently Asked Questions section answering any other questions you may have.


Indigenous Societies and Communities at UTA

Riawanna Indigenous Centre

Riawanna provides a welcoming space for Aborignal and Torres Strait Islander students. They host events throughout the year and their office is located in the Sandy Bay (Hobart) Campus.


Indigenous Specific Contacts, who can support me?

More information coming soon…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Current Projects:

  1. Indigenous and queer art installation at Rozelle Campus (Sydney)
  2. Indigenous artwork to be included in Welcome Packs – Welcome booklets, pens, presentations, and other Welcome week projects to incorporate indigenous artwork and stories.
  3. Better acknowledgment of country in units and meetings – Many lectures do not acknowledge country even during Week 1 of classes. Meetings with the Academic will endeavour to change this.
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