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Clubs and Societies play a key role in campus life, allowing people with similar interests to get together and provide an opportunity to enjoy life outside of academia.

The major benefits for TUSA affiliated Clubs and Societies are that TUSA provides,

  • Funding to assist with holding activities and events, equipment purchases and if eligible, discounted university venue hire.
  • Insurance coverage as TUSA holds General and Products Liability insurance cover for all TUSA affiliated clubs and societies.
  • Access to training and development opportunities that might not be affordable or accessible.

New Club/Society

To affiliate a new club or society please following the 7 Simple Steps to Create a New Club/Society

TUSA’s Basic Requirements of Running a Club/Society

  1. Register and set up your Club/Society account on Rubric (QPay)
  2. Submit re-affiliation/committee details form (includes membership list & Annual General Meeting minutes) by March 31st of each year (remember that more than 50% of your executive committee must be current UTAS students)
  3. Attend Clubs and Societies Council meeting (x4 per year) in person or online
  4. Attend the 2-day Student Leaders Conference (SLC) in November/March every year
  5. Submit Event Application & Risk Assessment forms via Rubric (QPay) for each of your events/ activities. You can submit a blanket Risk Assessment for similar re-occurring activities (e.g. weekly sports/training sessions, monthly breakfasts, fortnightly meetings)
  6. Join the orientation and welcome events such as Clubs and Societies Day, Year 12 Expo, UTAS Open Day to promote your club/society
  7. Join TUSA’s social channels
  8. Have at least 51% currently enrolled UTAS students as members in your Club/Society

Re-Affiliation Procedure for Existing Clubs and Societies

WHY? Because if you don’t re-affiliate by 31st March each year your activities and members are not covered under our insurance so you can’t hold events or apply for grant funding.

Follow these simple steps to re-affiliate.

  1. Send out a notice to all your members that you intend to hold your Annual General Meeting (AGM). Check out our flowchart on how to organise a meeting here
  2. Prepare and send out your AGM agenda.
  3. Most importantly check your constitution for quorum; this is the minimum number of voting members who must be present at your meeting to conduct business.
  4. Complete the paperwork via Rubric (QPay). Fill out the Club/Society Affiliation/Reaffiliation Committee Information Form and attach the AGM minutes and membership list (which you can download from Rubric (QPay).

For AGM meeting agenda and minutes templates go to the TUSA website > Community > Resources & Info Library and click on C+S Meeting.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) For Re-Affiliating Clubs & Societies

WHY? To vote in your new Executive Committee, present your financials to your members, accept any changes to your Constitution and nominate new bank signatories.

Every club and society is required to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year.

For everything you need to know about running an AGM please go to the AGMs page.

For more information, please download the C+S Handbook 2024.

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TUSA 2024 Annual General Meeting Notice

This notice is to advise of the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the members of the Tasmanian University Union (TUU), known as the TUSA, on Thursday 20th June 3.30 - 4.30pm via zoom.

If you are a current student and interested in attending as an observer, please email