These are your student representatives candidates for 2022.


Afrouz Chiniforoush (she/her)

Hello! My name is Afrouz Chiniforoush. I’m a student on the Sandy Bay campus and I’m running for the position of President.

I want to take part in community action and make the student perspective heard. I want to play an active role in creating a positive university experience for everyone and support you when university life gets rough.

I will insist on having access to higher quality affordable food on campus. Other universities have better access to healthy affordable food, and we are left behind.

If elected, I would make it my goal to get more students involved in what goes on at our university. My plan is to seek student perspective through surveys, so we can implement what matters the most.

I would appreciate your vote. Thanks for your consideration!

Warm regards,


Sophie Crothers (she/her)

I’m Sophie Crothers, and I’m running to be your State President for TUSA in 2022.

I am a 4th Year Law and Psychological Science student, which means I love a good argument! When I’m not chasing UTAS, sitting in endless meetings, or avoiding watching my lectures, I love to paint, obsess over my plants, and explore the Tassie bush.

I have been involved with TUSA for two years now – in 2020, as your Campus President – South, and then this year as your Equity President and Deputy President. I hope I have proven to students that I am committed to getting your voice heard, and have the experience to navigate UTAS and get results, quickly. As your State President, I will bring student life back on campus and ensure we’re at the heart of decision-making for the move into the Hobart CBD and Inveresk campus.

Vote [1] Our Future, Your TUSA!

Equity President

Veda Surapaneni (she/her)

Hi! My name is Veda (like Darth Vader) Surapaneni, and I am running for Equity President. Studying a double degree in Engineering and Marine and Antarctic Science, I can almost certainly be found at Morris Miller (crying), outdoors when the sun is out, or roaming Salamanca/Elizabeth Street on the weekends.


As a queer woman of colour studying Engineering, the importance of supporting and improving equity services is not lost on me. The role of Equity President supports a broad range of marginalised student groups. While LGBTQIA+ and students that identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander are most important to me, I will strive to address all concerns that are brought to my attention, and initiate events and community spaces that encourages students that identify as part of an equity group to feel more comfortable getting involved in UTAS life!

Vote [1] Our Future, Your TUSA

Kuku (he/him)

Hey everyone! My name is Kuku. I’m running for the role of Equity President with a strong drive to foster greater diversity and inclusion, and address student issues concerning equity at UTAS. With the experience of working towards the benefit of marginalised groups in Sri Lanka, Hungary, and Australia, I bring a unique skill set to drive changes to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, students studying with disabilities, people who identify as women and international students, will be supported, and respected throughout their time at UTAS. Currently, I am leading a TUSA research project, with an aim to address issues faced by differently-abled individuals within the UTAS and inform the development of a better inclusion policy. The role of Equity President would be an opportunity for me to extend my impact and support towards creating an inclusive environment at UTAS.

Education President (Undergraduate)

Position Vacant

Education President (Postgraduate)

Humaira Akhter (she/her)

Hi everyone, If I will be elected as an education president for postgrad students, then I will represent “us”; the whole community of postgraduate research students by giving respect and listen to each and every student. It is so rewarding and challenging to address and provide the solution with discussions for the issues facing by the students and bring change that impacts the students’ overall development. I will arrange informal gatherings for the students to share their experiences and issues with me so that I can highlight those issues with the upper management to bring change and solutions. I am in my third year of my Ph.D., and I am very much confident that I can communicate with the students to sharpen their studies and overall development. I am very passionate to bring all the postgrad students as a whole community where they can enjoy and connect themselves with the other postgraduate students regardless of their age, gender, race, culture and enjoy the formal and informal gatherings as well.

Ari Moore (she/her)

Hi! I’m Ari (like Harry, without the H). I’m a philosophy PhD candidate and tutor going into my third year at UTAS, and I’d love the chance to work for you in 2022. I’ve been doing things with TUSA for a while now: I run the weekly postgraduate Shut Up & Write! group, helped organise our Drag Trivia event in July, and I’m eager to step up to represent the interests of all postgraduates within the Academic Senate, Research Committee and other university bodies. I’m passionate about strengthening the postgraduate community across all faculties. We’re famously opinionated but short on time – let me work for you to ensure your voice is translated into effective action. In my spare time I love to paint, watch Korean dramas, and hang out in the bush. I’m always up for a chat so get in touch!

Vote [1] Our Future, Your TUSA

Student Experience President (South)

Levanya (she/her)

I am running for Southern Campus President because I want to further enhance the initiatives that I have developed at TUSA and improve the overall student experience by finding and implementing solutions to the problems faced by students from all communities.

I aim to work on bringing our communities together and to strengthen the bonds we have whilst ensuring that the university is a safe space for us to voice our concerns and work together with the women’s, LGBTIQA+, international, indigenous and disability cohorts to make this possible. Further, I aim on using the initiatives developed to enhance the opportunities available to us to broaden our networks, and to showcase our colours whether it may be through sports, arts, dance or music. This is because I believe that our university should be a safe and inclusive place and a fun environment where we get to be our best.

Aloka Senadeera (she/her)

Hey everyone! My name is Aloka.

With a strong enthusiasm to advance student engagement at the Southern Campus, I am running for the role of Southern Campus President! My drive to foster the development of your experience on the Southern Campus has been clear through my efforts as Activities Director of TUBES. As a student-researcher for TUSA, I’ve come up with ways to enhance engagement amongst Clubs and Societies. Together with TUSA, I am developing an improved events management system to ease event organisation processes for Clubs and Societies so that you will receive a greater experience, and of course more fun events!

I’m all about creating a better and fun University experience for you all and through this role I aim to do just that!

Liam Clegg (he/him)

My name is Liam Clegg, and I am running to be your Southern Campus President! I am currently a 2nd-year student studying Marine and Antarctic Science, and if I’m not exploring the Tasmanian wilderness, you can see me on the weekends listening to local bands and having a good time with friends.

As an active member at UTAS over the years, I would make sure that leaders and members of our clubs and societies are heard and recognised and will strive to support establishing groups. Whether you are studying at UTAS online or face-to-face, I will endeavour to ensure that your experience with us is an enjoyable one. Creating a dynamic and lively campus down in the South is an important job as we begin to enter a post-COVID society, and I hope to be a part of its re-ignition with TUSA in 2022!

Vote [1] Our Future, Your TUSA

Student Experience President (North)

Miao Yu (she/her)

My name is Miao, an international student in MA Professional Accounting (business management) at UTAS.

I am running 2022 TUSA Northern Campus President. UTAS has a diverse range of societies that enrich the students’ university life. But change is required to ensure that ALL students have the access to the clubs where they can mingle and socialize with like-minded people.

As the alumni manager at ACYA, I have fulfilled several initiatives to promote youth dialogue. My rich experiences in volunteering will drive me excel in this role. My international student’s background will bring in more perspectives, dynamics, and cultural exchanges.

My vision is to provide ALL students with a better university experience, including for online and offshore students. We embrace multiculturism and ALL students should have a fair go and have their voices heard. I will be a strong connector and supporter to drive that happen! Thank you so much!

Student Experience President (North West)

Patrick Whelan (he/him)

My names Pat and I am running for the Cradle Coast Student President. My goal is to continue the welcoming culture I have experienced since starting my studies last year at UTAS. If I am chosen, I would like to be a friendly face for students to come to for help when needed or just to have a chat. Since I started studying here, I have loved being involved in the events at the university including Harmony Day, Pride Day and the salsa dancing night. I look forward to being able to introduce students to these days and others. I would like to also encourage the creation of more clubs and societies.

Student Experience Vice President (Sydney)

Amy Ross-Hodges (she/her)

I am interested in joining the Student Leader team as being based in Sydney during these lockdowns, I know how difficult the transition from face-to-face learning to online learning has been. I want to be able to help those who are unsure or want things done to further benefit this process and time in lockdown and how we can get the best out of it. I completely understand the workload and the mental tolls these lockdowns have taken and would love to be able to be a person that can create open and honest relationships with you all as students and deemed as approachable to make such changes to make our learning easier or less stressful in any way. I truly want to be able to add to all the greatness we see at UTAS!